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"A renewed Cohesion Policy post-2027 that leaves no one behind"

We, elected representatives of regions and cities all over Europe, call on the European institutions and on national governments to devise a comprehensive EU agenda which puts the strengthening of social, economic and territorial cohesion at its very core.

Cohesion Policy is the glue that keeps Europe together and has the capacity to mobilise and involve everyone on a path towards a better quality of life for all.

We call for Cohesion Policy to remain a fundamental pillar of the EU development model and the core long-term, decentralised investment policy within the post-2027 EU Multiannual Financial Framework, based on the following principles:
1. A policy available to all regions, cities and municipalities. All "territories" matter, whether they are located in richer or in poorer countries.
2. A policy that helps to anchor social, economic and territorial cohesion within the new green deal industrial policy and the strategic autonomy of the EU.
3. A policy driven by the overarching goal of "just transition": the transformational path towards climate neutrality will impact every single area, regardless of characteristics. We call for a renewed post-2027 Cohesion Policy that supports tailor-made solutions, based on the "just transition" principles and available to all regions in every corner of Europe.
4. A policy that builds on place-based solutions: the diversity of territories in the EU is an asset.
5. A policy that builds upon its golden principles: shared management, strengthened partnership with all parts of society, multi-level governance based on genuine dialogue between local, regional, national and EU authorities.
6. A policy based on a new culture of trust between the different layers of government in the EU.
7. A policy that strengthens territorial cooperation and supports territorial innovation and democracy.
8. "Do no harm to cohesion": all EU policies must support the strengthening of economic, social and territorial cohesion. 

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